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Photo credit: Tobias Batz

Photo credit: Tobias Batz 4surface_lrg

Another successful show at the Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea! Aaron Nagel’s intense collection called “Fathoms” will be on view from now until June 7th, 2014. I spoke to the artist who was pretty forthright about the intention of his work:

“I’m not interested in conveying any kind of message. I just like a mood and whatever people want to gleam from that is fine with me,” says Nagel.

The work features realistic female nudes that utilize light and graphic design elements to highlight Aaron’s simple homage to beauty in the female form. Using strictly oil paint as his medium, Aaron has a very traditional style both in his painterly efforts and his composition. Playing devil’s advocate, I asked Aaron about the possible risk of sexualizing women, especially since many of his models do fit within a certain kind of body aesthetic.

“It [has] not really come up. People have made comments about the models being models versus not models. That to me is painting what I find aesthetically pleasing. To me that’s the most important part of painting. I like the way it looks so I paint what I’m attracted to visually. As far as sexualizing women goes, to me nudity is not sexual. It can be but being sexy or cute or anything that is intimate is the furthest thing from my mind when I’m painting them. People kind of come up with that themselves. I don’t really care, but that’s not what I’m trying to do.”

The best thing about Aaron? He’s completely self-taught. Originally a native of Oakland, California and born in 1980, he is an accomplished graphic designer and musician. He’s drawn since childhood but took up oil painting in his early twenties and hasn’t stopped since. Come check out his work at the Lyons Wier Gallery (www.lyonswiergallery.com) or online at http://www.aaronnagel.com

-Margaux Galli